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Nichols Portland, Inc. Brands Win Awards at MPIF's Powdermet 2023


Las Vegas, Nevada June 19, 2023 – Today, the Powder Metallurgy community recognized its best of the best as part of the Metal Powder Industry Federation’s (MPIF) annual Design Excellence Competition. The NPI organization was recognized for being a leader in the P/M technology with a total of 3 awards for the brands of Nichols Portland LLC and Alpha Precision Group.

The Nichols Portland LLC product was recognized with an Award of Distinction for a specialized gerotor set used in a series of heavy duty applications, requiring tight tolerances and material selection that support elevated level of fatigue resistant capabilities. The Alpha Precision Group received an award of distinction for Sprocket / Pulley utilized in a non-automotive application. This is a notable example of collaborating with our customer to find a cost effective technical solution with a complicated product / application. The highlight of the wins is the grand prize in the automotive category for an Oxygen Boss Sensor. Along with the specialized material and density requirements, the APG team was able to design complicated features in the tooling for the benefit of the customer’s design with limited secondary requirements.

The series of wins extends the Nichols Portland LLC’s win streak to 4 years in a row, and this will be the third year in a row for the Alpha Precision Group.

About Nichols Portland, Inc.

Headquartered in Portland Maine, Nichols consists of Nichols Portland LLC., Alpha Precision Group and Neota Product Solutions.

Nichols Portland LLC. provides system engineering to its customers and a complete fluid power or fluid transfer package. Nichols is the world’s first manufacturer of gerotors and gerotor pumps. Nichols has more than 85 years of continuous experience in the manufacturing, design, application, testing and validation of these products. In addition, we are a leader in compressive custom or off the shelf solutions for powdered metal, billet, or pump designs for fluid transfer devices.

APG is a diversified metal-forming technology company providing conventional powdered metal, high temperature stainless steel powdered metal, metal injection molding, and additive metal manufacturing (3D metal printing) components and assemblies as well as high precision valve assemblies to a global customer base. The company continues to leverage unparalleled technical expertise and innovative technologies to provide custom solutions to customers.

About Altus Capital Partners

Altus Capital Partners is a private equity firm that makes control investments in middle market manufacturing businesses that employ technology and automation. We believe that our exclusive focus on manufacturing provides us with a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by companies in the sector. We utilize a patient, thoughtful investment approach and partner with the management teams of our operating companies to achieve growth. For more information, please visit

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